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      Northern Dancer

      It was an early August morning at Camp Wendake. The stars twinkled down as numerous as a light shining through one of those perforated thimbles. The sky was jet black except for the brilliant stars that winked constantly. It doesn’t happen very often but I had to get up to use the facilities that were a short distance from my Alaknak. I’m always mesmerized by what I see in the sky. There were no city lights or other distractions to mar the view. The milky way seemed like a gigantic ribbon of precious jewels that cut through the dark like an eerie country road. For a short time, I stood there catching a glimpse of a meteor streaking across the sky and a communications satellite steadily making its way around the earth. I refocused and as I did that I lost one of my tent sandals in the tall grass that was smothered in heavy dew. No matter, I’ll pick it up on the way back. It was about a quarter after three in the morning when I began to search for the missing sandal. Considering I was wearing one sandal and had on a pair of boxers I was susceptible to the dropping temperature. Actually, I was starting to shiver. There it is, I thought with glee, and as I quickly picked up the sandal my eye caught the glimpse of a creature – heading for my tent. My eyes strained in the dark as I squinted to make it out. “Oh…no!”
      I said as I tilted my head down to my chest. “It can’t be.” Raising my head again for another reality check my nimble brain confirmed that the creature was probably black with a definitely distinguishable white stripe down the length of it’s back. How could I have been so stupid to leave the tent entrance open? Like, wide open. The motion light on the inside of the peak went on and confirmed my evaluation of the situation was correct. Shivering, I watched the skunk lay down a short distance from the door – for a quarter of an hour. Please….please, please, please, DON’T GO IN! I said silently, as not to make any kind of a commotion. It didn’t! It finally waddled off in another direction immediately releasing my acute anxiety. So what did I learn? I learned to dress properly and wear proper shoes [even if it was a short distance away], put on my headlight, zip up the front of the tent and be cognizant of my surroundings.

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      I love this ! I thought you were going down the Star Gazing road which I really love down at my Bus on Clear Nights I absolutely love to turn out my inside lights and look at the Floor of Heaven it’s Beautiful to say the least. Don’t get me wrong I’m with you on the close the tent or door because you NEVER know what might decide to take up residence in your abode. Actually kinda Funny Great Post as always.

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      That’s some good advice for Sure, I Once left my Outhouse Door open to let it Air out Came back to find a Opossum had made a Nice little Home. FUNNY he didn’t like it when I evicted him put up quite a fight

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      That’s a good Story and I can definitely relate, years ago actually left the Window down in my Pick up Truck because it was Hot and came back to find a Crow in the Cab he flew in but couldn’t figure out how to get back Out. He made quite a Mess I thought I’ll NEVER do that again.

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      Now that’s FUNNY, what would you have done if that Critter bedded down for the Night. I know One things for Sure I want leave my tent Open, thanks for the Heads Up I Never even thought of this.

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      Crane Man

      That could have been BAD ! I bet your Face was Priceless

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      Haven’t heard of this ! Welcome to the Fourm

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