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      The last two bows, the mulberry youth bbow and the short pecan bow, were made from summer cut green wood. That allowed stripping the bark to form a perfect back for each bow. The typical problems of sluggish action and excessive string set didn’t show up on these bows even though seasoning time was limited. The 72″ pecan longbow I just completed is another matter. The limbs took a deep set after limited shooting and the bow really lacks snap. Put reverse tension on the bow to correct the limb set and setting it aside to season a lot longer. If that doesn’t correct the problem we’ll see if backing the bow with bamboo might cure its ills. Fun experiment anyway. If you have never made a bow, give it a try.

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      Very Nice Skills! I might have to try that, would have to get some Pointers though.

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      Great old School Skills! Would like to see this.

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