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      Northern Dancer

      It’s another peculiar year. With bated breath, I waited anxiously for the booking office to open on Monday morning at 8:00 AM as they said they would. Giving a little time for variance, I waited all of ten minutes. My account was opened, the necessary data was posted, and I waited anxiously to push the enter button. Ten, nine, eight…….PUSH – Bingo! Success. The first trip is solidly booked. But my canoe buddy waits until he gets home from work, has supper, watches a little TV, and finally gets around to booking our second trip at 8:00 PM. Dumb Ass! Not one single site open for June, July, and August; every site is booked solid. You have to understand that our favourite lake is somewhat isolated and there are only a few sites. He panics and madly [he shares with me] and desperately searched every lake in the vicinity and finally books successfully. So this year’s trips, as well as paddling our usual territory we will be exploring a new lake. Actually – I thought it a good idea – we need a new lake to explore.

      Did I tell you we have been packed for a while? The canoe is off the rack and I’m putting on new decals and refurbishing it.

      Our community has now been hit with more stringent Covid protocols. Schools, non-essential places, parks, recreation centres and just about everything else has been close. You can go to a super grocery store but you can only buy groceries. I’ve been issued with a travel pass [I work in long term care] should I be stopped by police.

      So…though we are booked it’s hard to tell if, in fact, we will be on any lake. In the meantime, a tent platform is now on the property so I can go camping and pretend I’m off in some distant wilderness place.

      What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

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      O DAMM that’s not good! Dancer I hope you’re lake trip is Successful. We are Open and everything is going and people are everywhere, I think they have had enough. Be well and hopefully things improve soon.

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      BIG Jim

      Sorry to hear that Dancer but hopefully you’ll be back on that Conoe trip soon. It’s wide open here. Send pictures if you get to go !

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      Hope you get to go Soon Dancer! It’s been a long time but this to shall pass. Be sure and take some Awesome pictures as you always have and post them. Good luck and be Safe.

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      Hopefully you get to go Dancer ! It’s Wide open here, I think a lot of people have gotten the Vaccine. Be Safe and have fun

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      Hope you get to Venture out Dancer, I know how much you love to go. I think the New lake will be a Great place to open your horizons and have a Nice adventure. Remember the Old saying Man plans and God laughs. Please post pictures of the New lake.

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      Jack 3

      Hope you have a Great time Dancer !

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