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      Turkey season is just around the corner. If you like catching fish on flies you tied yourself, you will love calling in turkeys with a call you made yourself. The wing-bone turkey call is easy to make and to use. It is traditional to make the call from the wing-bones of a wild tom but for the sake of practice you can use bones from smoked turkey wings you can purchase at the grocery. The bone from the wing “drumstick” forms the trumpet end of the call, the larger of the two mid-wing bones is the central call section and the smaller of those two bones forms the mouthpiece. I cook the smoked wings and strip the meat, boil the bones to loosen the last residue, saw off the joint ends, clean out the matrix within the bones to form three graduated tubes, glue ’em together and finish with softened beeswax. You feel kind of silly kissing into the mouthpiece but you will be making yelps and clucks pretty soon. Pictures to follow.

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      Not that’s Cool, VERY interesting way of making a Call with all natural parts of a Turkey !

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      That’s Really Cool ! I’m going to have to try and Make One, I’ll post some Pictures if I have any Luck.

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      Great POST ! I’ve Never used One of those but would like to Try. Nice Project

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      Crane Man

      That’s AWESOME ! how does it Sound

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      That’s cool, never would have thought to do that.

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