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      Northern Dancer

      I’ve always been appalled and somewhat concerned when I read some of the ridiculous lists that dubious, even unscrupulous people post. That’s sort of a long sentence, isn’t it? Anyway, I’m talking about SURVIVING not PLAYING in the wilderness. When one’s life depends on one’s decisions, you better get it straight, because there will be no television cameras recording your mishap or your demise for that matter.

      Water, Fire, Shelter, Food and Protection if need be.

      The word is NEED meaning, absolutely. There are numerous other things that are helpful but meeting the NEEDS are going to see you through.

      THE FIRST ITEM IS WATER. While a human can go up to 3 weeks without food, they can only survive for about 3 days without water. Your body is made up of 60% water, and it is used for several functions including blood circulation, body temperature regulation, and helping you to keep our wits about you, which is especially important in a survival situation.

      FIRE. Fire is the next order of business. You can use fires to boil water, to cook, to keep warm, and as a way to signal for help.

      SHELTER. I look for a large bushy pine tree that I can sleep at the base. Your circumstance may be different. If I find myself getting scared [and it’s okay to be scared] I Hug a Tree and calm myself down and did I say a little prayer?

      Once you’ve got water, fire, and shelter, it’s time to look for food. Rule #1 of foraging is to eat only things that you are 100% sure are not poisonous. Stick to common plants like clover and dandelions, bugs like crickets and larvae, and any fish or small animal you’re able to catch. [You will need the skill to accomplish that.]

      While in general animals are more afraid of you than you are of them, there are a few potential hazards you need to be aware of in your neck of the woods.

      Simple right? Well, there are a few other matters. To meet these NEEDS one should have the skill and knowledge to manage various situations including a strong resolve/determination to live. This is very important. I’ve been lost 5 times. Though all were short-lived I was rather surprised how many negative thoughts crept into my mind.

      TO AVOID SURVIVAL SITUATIONS [other than uncontrolled natural dilemmas] one also needs to fully understand outdoor etiquette; it will go a long way to prevent these situations from happening.

      OKAY…we are now open to debate and to receive concrete tips and suggestions.

      Part Two coming your way.

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      This is Some good Conversation, I have thought many times about what I would do if I was out and got in a Situation where I had to hunker down and Survive for a few days or maybe a week or more. I try to keep Several things with Me at all times. As far as food I like to carry Sardines 3 cans this would Supply you with protein also a couple of bottles of water and matches water Proof, these are my basic items.

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      Love this topic ! My Wife Jokes about my Truck because I have so much stuff in it and it’s true, I literally have all kinds of things to Survive if the Bad times hit. I carry a Bag with a few extra clothes pocket warmers a knife fire starting material I like kippers in a can they have 17 grams of protein a hand Gun and a 22 rifle I do need to add a poncho because they are very handy. I often tell people my Truck is a One Seater because I have so much Stuff in the front Seat.

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      Cool Post, I have a Bug out Bag with Basic stuff to Survive like canned meat and pocket warmers small first aid kit clean water pills and magnesium for fire starting plus a piece of flint also carrie a plastic tarp for Shelter. That’s my survival plan. NEVER be unprepared !

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      Ok I’m in, I have many of the Same things in my Carrie Bag potted meats and some dry foods flash light matches water filter and I also have a old fashioned Compass just encase the phone is dead. I like to take plastic with me also you can do a lot of things with it and don’t forget a Hatchet. Campfires are a must when you are lost, a good feeling secure and warm.

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      Crane Man

      Some GREAT Advice Thanks for all the Suggestions I do have some dry package foods and some water filter bottles emergency ponchos, I do need to find a Hatchet and some canned meats.

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      Northern Dancer

      I tell ya! There is nothing worse than preaching to the converted. I should have known better – you guys really know your stuff. I think I’ll hang with the greenhorns – there is a lot less likelihood that I will screw up.

      BUT…I really do like to teach children and youth about these skills that we have already developed. Part of my outdoor sessions is to include the HUG A TREE programme. Not only good for youth but adults as well. It was started in San Diego California after a search for 9-year-old Jimmy Beveridge – who never made it. In this country, it is under the auspices of the RCMP.


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