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      Northern Dancer

      Good evening everyone! I truly hope all is well in your neck of the forest. I’m not hearing any Christmas Greetings or wishes for the New Year – I guess it’s all over and it’s now here. The New Year I mean.

      Our temperature will be dropping to – 6 this evening. When this happens, our community opens heating centres for street people to assure they can survive the night. I haven’t slept out for a while and think that I will pass any opportunity that is afforded to me this evening.

      No…not this evening. I’m going to stay inside, listen to pleasant music, and dream of a summer trip.

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      Jack 3

      Well hello there Dancer! I can tell you what everyone was doing here last night. Watching the National Championship. Congratulations to the Georgia Bulldogs. It’s actually Cold here as well but not anything like you have. Stay Warm

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      BIG Jim

      Good Morning Dancer, i can’t imagine temperatures like that WOW! I would be inside as well. Stay Warm and dream of Summer Conoe Trips 😂 it will be here soon.

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      It’s COLD here Dancer, but not that COLD! I would stay in too. Keep warm and do so reminiscing about past trips. Spring is around the corner.

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      There you are Dancer, i thought you might be hibernating like the BEARS 😂 i know I would be with those temperatures ! it’s Cold here in the morning but it’s going to be in the mid 50s the end of the week. I’ll be in the Woods for Sure. Spring is nit to far out maybe do some equipment checking for Now.

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      I imagine you’ve got a bunch of Snow now Dancer, and with the temperature that Cold it’s going to stay for a while. Stay warm and dry and work on your equipment.

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      Sounds Cold to me! If I ever come up your way Dancer it’ll have to be Summer. Hopefully you have plenty of Firewood.

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      COLD! But not that Cold, i think I would be next to the Wood Burning Stove 😂

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