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      Well it’s just a little Over 68 days to Georgia Bow Season and then about 3 weeks until Gun Season, what’s your Favorite part of the Opening weekend and or Day ! I truly just love being in the Woods and Spending time with Friends, and of Course Killing a GREAT DEER would be icing on the Cake so to Speak.

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      Crane Man

      I’m with you Bravo ! I just want to get to the Deer Woods and take a Break from the everyday Working World, and also have a Campfire and some good Food Cooked Outside for a GREAT taste. The Friendships and Stories at the Fire Pitt and a Cold One to top it off, Man I’m Ready right Now. Great POST

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      I was Wondering who would be the first to post something about Opening weekend ! I hunt a lot in Bow Season but I Consider Gun Season Opener the Official Weekend When it all Starts, Good Food Great Friends and my Oldest Son always comes in from Texas. This year will be a Bonus because I’m going to Texas for his Opening Weekend November 2 & 3 it Should be a BLAST. Hopefully my Son kills his first Deer on his land maybe a BIG Rack Buck ! Can’t wait

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      Seeing all my Hunting Buddies and having a Great time Cooking out and making the Campfires, and hopefully helping Someone drag out a Deer or maybe pulling Out a Buck of my Own. Just being at Deer Camp is exciting enough for Me !

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      Jack 3

      Everything ! I like it all Being in the Woods and Dreaming of that BIG BUCK while sitting in the Stand, or hearing that first Crunching of leaves as the first Deer comes walking in the Cook out and Campfire and even Some Great Country Music. It’s all Good as they say. Great Post Bravo !

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      I actually love the fact that it’s the start of the Season and weather your Bow hunting or Gun hunting it’s all the same, it’s time for Camping And eating Great and spending time with friends hopefully pulling out a Fine Buck or maybe just a Doe for some fine Venison ! This post has got me ready to start some Scouting and Checking my Stands, Come on September.

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      It really is a magical time. The anticipation is such a rush, I usually can’t get to sleep the night before. But getting in the stand before first light and listening to the woods come alive that first morning before your eyes is where it’s at. Love the campfires, good company, and typically a nice spread of food for opening weekend. Almost always see deer opening weekend and usually helping someone pull a deer out of the woods. Excited to get the chance at two opening weekends, one in Texas and one in GA this year. Can’t wait!

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