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      Northern Dancer

      What is that swimming in the bay? It was dusk and the shadows of the tall pines were already casting their darkness over the water along the rugged shoreline. It gave the bay an eerie look. The water was calm and flat and I could see a wisp of mist on the surface. The creature made a ripple effect much like a canoe wold make plowing through the water. I lifted my retracting telescope to get a better view. Oh, yes, of course – it was a beaver, darting across the bay. I doubt if it would be aware of my spying presence and carried on his normal activity completely oblivious of my intrusion. Like me it was doing its natural thing – just living

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      Great pictures Dancer ! Beaver’s are a Beautiful Creature but will accost a BIG Tree and make much Damage.

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      BIG Jim

      I’m with you Outdoorsman ! Kinda a love Hate relationship. They can tear up Some Trees for Sure.

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      Jack 3

      They are Some industrious little guys !

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      These little guys will always be around, they are ambitious to say the least !

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      Crane Man

      Cool Pictures ! Beaver Ponds are good for Wildlife areas

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      I remember that my Dads hunting land had a Big Beaver Pond ! These critters can Cut Down a bunch of Trees.

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