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      So I was at my Dad’s House Hunting yesterday afternoon sitting in the WIND ! 3 and half Hours later I was putting my arrows on my Bow and fixing to get Down and I looked up and a Spike came in to my area. Well I took a Shot and thought it was good, turns out I was Wrong. Long Story short didn’t find the Deer and I think I just skinned him. Bow Hunting is a Humbling experience to say the least ! Thank to Soybean for his help we looked long and hard for the Spike.

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      Dang Sorry to hear that, We’ve all been there so don’t let it get you Down. Maybe you’ll see him again

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      Hey Unfortunately this goes along with Bow Hunting even rifle Hunters lose a Deer Sometimes. Don’t let it get you Down keep Hunting

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      I feel your Pain ! I missed one this year it happens to the Best of Us. Keep your Head up Still some time left.

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      Crane Man

      Don’t know about everyone else But this has happened to Me and it will happen if you Hunt long enough, Hunt don’t let this Upset you keep after it hopefully you get another Chance before the Season is Done. Just the fact that you got a Deer in range of a Bow Shot this late in the year means you are hunting right. Good LUCK

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      Jack 3

      Hang in there Huntaholic this happens unfortunately but hopefully you get another chance. Good luck

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      I hate that for you, but hang in there, you have a few more weeks to get it done. Maybe you’ll get a shot a big 8 pointer!

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      Shake it off it happens, maybe you’ll get another Chance at Him

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