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      Northern Dancer

      I hope everyone is doing better than best – blessings from this neck of the woods.

      Hexed – an old term meaning – a spell cast or bewitched.

      On one of my trips, I thought that I was hexed. I got the zipper on my tent caught in the material and damaged the netting; all night long I could hear that annoying buzzing sound. I didn’t bring extra batteries for my headlamp or camera; so there were no pictures and I couldn’t see very well in the dark. The gas line on my stove sprung a leak and I couldn’t repair it because the duct tape was not in the pack; meal prep was miserable. The rain poured down and put out my campfire and I didn’t have an umbrella with me and my matches were damp and my small barbeque lighters didn’t work. My trusty cast iron fry pan was not in the pack – the one I use to make perfect pancakes. The mosquitos feasted on me and had a delightful time as I had neglected to bring any along bug repellent. I never did find my hammer/mallet.

      It was a great trip. 🙁

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      Still laughing, just look at the POSITIVE part of the Trip you were in the Great Outdoors and it Sounds like you’ve learned a Very valuable lesson check all equipment and Supplies before heading Out ! But I’ve done that Very thing on several occasions.

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      Well if everything always went right there would NEVER be any excitement! Better luck next time Dancer.

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      Jack 3

      So check this out Dancer, i actually went Camping once and i love to Fish in the river. Got the camp set up and couldn’t find my fishing rods and tackle so i just spent the weekend lounging around and distressing. It wasn’t a total loss, you know the saying any day away from work is well you know !

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      Been there and done this! ONE weekend i ran into a copperhead and Black Widow and after that I went home. It happens

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      BIG Jim

      Dancer we’ve all been there! Two words Check list. Hopefully you’ll have better luck next time.

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      You know sometimes you’re the Windshield and sometimes you’re the Bug 😂 ! Just think how much better your next trip will be.

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