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      Northern Dancer

      We were all ready and well prepared to enjoy every bit of this trip and embrace every opportunity it afforded. So what were the first things that didn’t seem to be quite right? No one took notice that our menu was planned for Thursday, Friday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and all the days to the end of the trip. Woe…wait a minute. There are two Fridays? Somehow, probably due to our pent up enthusiasm, no one noticed that. So we were carting around an extra day’s rations. But so what? We had waited a whole year to regain our little paradise and become amateur coureur des bois [runner of the woods] in our neck of nature’s heaven.

      It’s our custom to have a light supper on the first day; something filling until we got down to some serious outdoor eating.

      So this is what we had [it’s good anytime or anywhere] and for those who haven’t…

      + TACOS IN A BAG =
      1 individual bag of tacos cut along the sie
      Spoon in according to your likes,
      Sour Cream,
      Shredded cheese [I like old fort],
      Green onion,
      Chopped sweet pepper,
      Cooked hamburger meat with taco sauce,
      Crunch the bag a tad then dive in…I mean use a spoon to get at it.

      A little tidying up is required. And coffee? Ya can’t beat the aroma of fresh brewed coffee with your tacos. Bon appetit!

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      Sounds like a GREAT Start to a good Menu even if you have a extra Day ! Nice pictures

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      Crane Man

      That’s some fancy eating right there ! Beautiful lake

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      No problems extra Food is always better than coming up Short, We carried more than we needed to Yellowstone!

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      BIG Jim

      To Friday’s Sounds good to Me! Would love to figure out how to get that every Week. Beautiful pictures

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      I would like to be eating with you guys Dancer! Great Memories are always made with the Food and Friends , that lake picture is Awesome.

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      Jack 3

      I’ll take a couple of Fridays! I’ll take some tacos too, you have a Great Camping trip right there.

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      You’ve got some Beautiful territory up there Dancer! The Coffee is good out in the Woods for Sure. Absolutely Fantastic

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      I’ve had those before in a bag of smashed up dorittos chips. We called them walkin Tacos! Great little meal to make at camp and easy cleanup.

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