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      Northern Dancer

      …let me see now – oh yah, we had the Merry Christmas! It came rather quickly this year I thought – but it was terrific in every way. And I sure hope it was good for the entire Faith Outdoorz community.

      So…what’s next?

      Awe yes…

      As I sit in my office I swiveled my chair around to look out the window. There is gentle snow falling at this moment; the grounds, plants, and trees are covered and it looks like that Winter Wonder Land photo. There is not a wisp of a harsh wind…just gentle snow fluttering down from the heavens to the ground. It’s New Years’ Eve Day.

      So…what’s next?

      We really don’t know, do we? But I can, and I do, wish you all a blessed New Year.

      Be good, do good – and who knows – others may do the same – and wouldn’t that make for a Happy New Year?

      The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the Comfort of His holy Church be with you all.


      + The blessing of God almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be with you all the days of your life, until the day of resurrection. Amen

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      VERY nice Dancer ! And well put, try and find a Good Deed to do for Someone. Happy New year to You and everyone. Where’s the pictures of the Snow Sounds Awesome.

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      Great post ! Wouldn’t it be Nice if everyone was just a little Nicer and friendly to start off the Year. Happy New year to all and a BIG Thanks to everyone who spends time here. I wish a Blessed New year to everyone. Be Safe

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      Happy New year Dancer and EVERY ONE else ! Hope you’re all doing well.

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      Happy New Year friends !

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      Happy New Year Everyone, hope you have GREAT Adventures in the Outdoors.

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      Crane Man

      Happy New Year and may good Times happen to All !

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      Have a GREAT New Year ! Blessing’s

Viewing 7 reply threads
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