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      Northern Dancer

      I hope everyone is well.

      It rained 12 of the 20 days I was out. No matter, it was my intention to enjoy and embrace all that was afforded to me. And I did. Hovering on the surface the sparkling water, made possible from the gorgeous sunset, casting its rays on a placid lake. The scrumptious meals made more pleasant with great company. The campfires lit up the cool evenings and warmed hearts as well as souls. The silky smooth warm water that delights our bodies as we swam. The conversations that were enriched by kindred spirits. Everything was good, the laughter, enjoyment, and excitement of being out at last.

      …so blessed with these many opportunities to live a simple serene life and just be me. Not strangled with all the sights and sounds of humankind, the woes of the world, and the anxieties and perplexities my fellow-creatures present. No, just the sound of contented hearts, pleasant thoughts, of chirping birds and gentle breezes, of frisky squirrels and chipmunks, of sunshine and rain, luscious surroundings, and peace.

      I thought to myself as I sat at the fire – “Wouldn’t it be great if they were all here?” I think it would be a blast to have us all together.

      Planning to share a few experiences and photos in the next little while.
      Photo One – Landing. Photo Two – The cook tent.

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      Sounds like a Great time to Me ! I wish I could be there with you, maybe ONE day I will get to Check out your neck of the Woods. Glad you got away from it all

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      Welcome back Dancer ! Glad you got to leave the Craziness behind for a while, soon it will be Cold weather again but it still Hot down here.

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      WOW Dancer I’m so jealous! Seems like you had a GREAT TRIP, I’ve been on Camping Trips when it rains for Several days in a row and When this Happens you just make the Best of the Situation also I love to sleep when it’s raining. It’s Really neat that you are having Cool Nights and are able to have a Campfire, I can’t wait for a first weekend campfire. Great POST as always welcome back.

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      Jack 3

      Welcome back Dancer, Sounds like a Great time and just to get back out in the Conoe I know you enjoy it. I guess soon the Nights will be getting Cold and the Campfires will be a Glow. Good Post!

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      Love that Conoe picture and Camp ! Glad you had some time away, always Great to get in the Woods and or River! Makes you realize how Blessed you truly are. Nice post as always.

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