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      One of my favorite small ponds, located in a county soccer park near Tucker, has become infested with turtles. Not some turtles, not a lot of turtles but wall to wall turtles. I had wondered why the fishing had dropped off but I think the answer is in the turtle population explosion. I thought I was faulty in presentation or fly selection – I like to fly fish for beam and bass – but even live bait didn’t produce any bites. It be came evident that there were no small fry in the shallows, no minnows, no baby bream, no cruising bass, nothing. Hard to believe that the pond is essentially empty of fish when, for years, I could always count on hooking up with some pan-size bass and really hefty bluegill. Calling the county parks and rec. to see what’s up but if you have had experience with this problem give me a post.

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      Hopefully things will look better next time.

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        Is it the one on Granite?

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      This is Henderson Park near Livsey School. And when I visited a few days ago there were plenty of little sunfish, a number of baby bass and all sorts of small fry in the shallows. Maybe I just expected them too soon this spring but it had been quite a while since I saw any fishy action. Hope it is a real turn-around. Saw a couple of goslings, also. Nice restful place most of the time with playgrounds and a picnic pavilion. Nice walking trails, too, and a secret waterfall up a trail at the lower end of the lake. Little places like this are God’s way of helping you keep your head right.

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