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      Northern Dancer

      Dear Friends of “Faith Outdoors” community.

      The out in outdoors is not just simply being out there; it’s something more than that. It’s an attitude and a lifestyle that is very much different from being curled up on a couch staring at a wide-screen television. It implies a focussed life and frequently a singular activity that arouses our secret desires to rid ourselves of the monotonous and wearisome engagement of human contact. The environmental sounds of nature are a welcomed guest over the hostility and argumentive persons that pepper our lives and drain our enthusiasm. It can be a simple life that divorces our hoarding of useless possessions. Outdoor life is an occasion to think deep thoughts without being encompassed by the noise and rattle of humankind. And maybe, just maybe, hear “a still small voice.” [God’s revelation to Elijah 1 Kings 19:11]

      I thought about you [like I said I would] around an engaging fire on a very cool evening at Balsam Lake.

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      This is so TRUE Dancer! I’m at my best when I’m in the Woods away from the Madness of the world we live in, my last Campfire i was by myself and it was 3 hours before I knew it. This is ONE of God’s greatest gifts to Mankind but so many people don’t take advantage of the Opportunities. Great Post

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      Great Post ! Most of Us who love the Outdoors understand what a bond we have the experience of enjoying the wild things and the Blessings that are everywhere Outdoors. I actually feel Sorry for those who miss out

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      Great looking Campfire and love this Post! My Outdoors is being able to calm myself down and reset and relax including reflection on how my this is being spent, just looking up at the stars on a absolutely clear Nights and thinking about the heavens can Sure put you in a better place. Here’s to the Outdoors and the Wonderful Blessings for Our lives. Another fine Post Dancer.

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      BIG Jim

      I can relate to this for Sure, for many years i have found peace in the Outdoors and spent so many hours just getting my mind right and away from the Madness of City dwellings. Always good to hear from you Dancer ! Good Stuff

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      I’d say that I live for the Outdoors, just to be able to walk in the Woods and Spend time enjoying a beautiful Campfire is enough to make your blood pressure go down 😂 ! Always good to hear from you Dancer Great Post

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      Jack 3

      Great Post Dancer! I think in the Woods Is the most satisfying place on earth 😂. And Spring is on the way my 2nd favorite time of year.

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      Northern Dancer

      Nice to see you online Jack – trust all is well in your camp.

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