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      I don’t know about Others but for Me I Spend a GREAT Deals of Time thinking about the Outdoors, and a good bit of my spare time walking around in the Woods. It’s Funny the first letters of Great Out Doors spells GOD and I’d like to think that the Lord made all these beautiful Creations for people like Me. I love to Hunt and Spend time plotting my next trip to my Beloved Hunting property. It’s a year around Hobby that I look Forward to Spring Summer Fall and Winter. From looking for Antlers in the Spring to Planting Food Plots in the Fall or Cutting Firewood for my Wood Stove there is ALWAYS Something to do, Someday I hope to Build a Cabin on my Property for Now I stay in a School Bus. I am thankful for all of my Blessing’s and the Family and Friends that I get to Spend time with in the GREAT Outdoors. I’m already looking Forward to Spring Turkey Season, Hopefully that’s another adventure in the Woods!

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      GREAT POST! I am with you, Nothing is better than to Spend time in the Woods. Sometimes just spending a Day walking through Gods BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS is like Medicine for the Soul, Mountains or Rivers Lakes or just the Woods it’s all Good.

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      It’s all about being in the GREAT Outdoors!

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      Hold on my child Joy comes in the morning (especially when you’re in the “His” great creations!) Always enjoy your posts.

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      Used to take what I would call forty five minute vacations; even that short time, spent in the “Great Out Doors,” was enough to recharge the spirit and wash away at least some of the accumulated nasties of dog-eat-dog everyday grind. Vision get uncramped, breathing is freed of the bombardment of exhaust fumes and the ears discover a thing called quiet. If there ever was a great Christmas gift, that’s it. And freely given, too.

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      Always Nice to get away from the Work a Day World! It’s GREAT For the Soul.

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