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      This story is dedicated to my Beloved wife! I put it in the Beach section because she loves the Ocean.

      I’d like to tell you a story that happened to me some years ago. For over a year my wife of twenty nine years had been having some medical problems. After four surgeries they had gotten everything repaired and she was on the mend. Two months later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Of course we were devastated, but our faith helped us to face this new challenge. She underwent two more surgeries and was finally home to heal an recuperate before beginning radiation therapy. It was a beautiful afternoon an my sons an mother in law and I were sitting around doing what family do when someone has been sick, essentially driving my wife nuts! She said honey why don’t you go down to your moms and hunt? I told her that I needed to stay with her. Being the wonderful wife that she is she insisted so who was I to argue ? My parents only live about thirty minutes away, so I know I could be home quickly if my wife needed me. I got into the stand about 5:30 in the afternoon. The day was warm about 80 degrees, and I felt myself gradually relax. It was so nice to be sitting in a tree. The first thing I did was to say a prayer for my wife. Afterwards I remember thinking maybe I’d see a doe walk by. They’re plentiful in my parents neck of the woods, so it was pretty likely. I had only been in the stand about thirty minutes, when I looked across the back pasture and saw a deer running towards me. I looked again hard,I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a buck an he was BIG! I only had seconds before he was on me. I stool up and pulled my bow as he was walking into my shooting lane. I stopped him with my mouth grunting, and let the arrow fly. The hit was good, just behind the shoulder. With disbelief I watched the buck run away stagger and fall. I had just shot the biggest buck of my life with my bow. Now some may say it was just a coincidence, but I know that this buck was a gift from God. Talk to the lord when you go to the woods, your not alone, He is definitely listening. So go to the Outdoors in faith my friends.

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      This is the BEAUTIFUL Deer That God Sent Me On That Faithful Day !

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      That’s a BEAUTIFUL DEER and a GREAT STORY of Faith!

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      Great STORY and a good Buck! Especially with a Bow

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      Buck of a Lifetime with a Bow! Cool Post!

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      Thanks, Bravo, for bringing this post up again. I saw it back when it was first posted, enjoyed the story but missed one of the most important lines. “You’re not alone.” Encouraging and challenging. Encouraging because we can count on the Good Shepherd’s staff to protect us and challenging because we have to recognize that the Shepherd’s rod (the shepherd’s crook) is designed for our discipline. Sometimes a gentle pull to a better direction but often the good Lord has to “jerk a knot in us” to help us stay on the right path. Sure beats the precipitous alternative if we follow our own willful way.

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      What a great story and testament to God’s gifts to us!

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