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      Northern Dancer

      Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

      I remember saying to myself, “You are not going out there alone until you have the fear factor under control.” What fear factor? I’m an adult male and I’m not afraid of anything. Really? Those unexplained creepy sounds in the night, those noises around the tent that sound like someone is encircling you? What about the pitch blackness in the middle of a ferocious head storm manifesting itself by winds of unusual force and direction, accompanied by rain, snow, hail, thunder, and lightning, or flying sand or dust? And what about the silence when the only human voice you hear is your own? Yep, and then there are those thoughts that a maniac with a Bowie knife is out there hiding behind a tree just waiting for you to fall asleep. Black bears become Grizzly bears and mice become mountain lions and tiny fears become monstrous. What to do what to do?
      When in doubt take a course. I took time out one evening a week for seven weeks to take a course on “Managing Your Fears” when you solo camp/canoe. Besides all the standard stuff like taking care of yourself, safety training, area selection, we spent the bulk of our time learning how to manage the mind; more especially those random thoughts that come into our thinking to frighten us. So we spent time tackling each sound and fear that might arise. We learned how to identify the sounds of the night and day. We were taught exercises to manage our fears and learn how to prepare ourselves to be alone.
      It worked. I’ve used the techniques and have taught them to others. I came to the realization that I’m okay to be with me – I can actually enjoy my own company and be one’s self – even when alone.

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      Good post ! I use this when going to the Dentist, I don’t like Novacane so I tell my dentist not to use it. If you can get past the noise of the drill I have had many filled without. My Wife is like No way without Novacane. But it’s a Fear thing for Sure.

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      Jack 3

      That’s Very interesting ! It’s easy to imagine all kinds of things when you’re out in the Woods. Can get Scary

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      I need to Deal with the EVERY day Fesr ! I know that I’m supposed to just give it to the LORD but it’s hard to do Sometimes. I know that’s not quite what you’re point was , good Post.

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      It amazing how you can get in the Middle of the Woods and it can get really Spooky !

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