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      Northern Dancer

      I have a lot of Superiors who govern my life. You probably refer to people over you as Bosses – and you would be right. My third I.C. has, I think?, asked me to take him on a short trip [three nights and four days].

      I want you to know though it is scheduled for the end of July that I have planned as I have never planned before. I’ve checked the equipment inventory fifty times or more. The menu is organized as well as the route and location. The program, though suggestions will be made will include lots of canoeing.

      I have been rehearsing in my mind numerous times how I will be setting up his private tent and the base camp in general.

      Ever had a Boss camp with you before?

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      From what I’ve seen you will be Fine, you have an incredible way of making Sure that you have all the bases Covered. Besides the BOSS will I’m sure enjoy being out in the Woods with someone who is experienced in the Outdoors and Campfire edicts. Relax and enjoy yourself and be Sure to take plenty of Pictures to Share.

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      From what I have seen you Dancer are the BOSS ! As far as Camping goes, I wouldn’t worry a bit from everything I’ve seen about your campfire time and river trips he will have a Great time. Kick back and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to give us a update when you get back.

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      Definitely Some great Opportunity to Show off your Outdoor Skills and remember he’s just a person probably looking to get away from the EVERY day life, show him what you love and your passion for the Natural world that the LORD has placed on your Heart. It will be Grand take plenty of pictures.

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      Jack 3

      Don’t worry he’s going Camping with the Master ! Go have Fun and let the trip take all the Stress out of your life.

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      Northern Dancer

      Heavens! Thank you. Actually, he’s an okay kind of a guy – it’s just that I have never inner acted with him socially. You can be sure that I will use my time tested recipes, menu plans, well-explored lakes, and rivers and smile – a lot.

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