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      The Family and I made the long drive from Texas to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. It was great to see the family and enjoy all the food. I got a chance to stay with my brother up in Dahlonega at his mountain home and sneak in a couple of hunts. It was really cool as the first hunt I took my oldest (Avery 9 years old) with me to sit in the stand with me as they had double ladder stands. We made the trek in down the mountain slopes and got to the spot. Avery climbed right up no problem. We got settled in and I was surprised how well she did and that she stayed with it until dark. She remained still and calm, slight movements. The only thing I had to remind her was to keep her legs as still as she could as her feet were not quite touching the bottom of the stand. We hunted from 4Pm until dark and saw a ton of squirrels. I let her know that was a good sign and she was hunting well. At one point, she was whispering to me, deer, deer! I did not see the deer, could have been behind some stuff on her side, but not for sure if what she saw was a deer. But that was a very cool experience to hunt with her and she really enjoyed it. Looking forward to taking her again soon.

      Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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      VERY nice ! Always Fun to get the Kids in the Woods.

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      Sounds like She did really good ! I remember taking you at about that age ! Good Memories.

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      Jack 3

      She will have Great memories of this ! Nothing like Spending time in the Woods with Dad.

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      Very Cool ! Always liked going to the Woods with my Dad, it’s neat just to watch a child in the Woods discovering the Beautiful thing we all love so much. True Blessings

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      Crane Man

      Being a GREAT Dad ! She Sure is Smiling

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      I know that was Special for you and her ! Makin Memories of times together.

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