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      Well in twenty five years of Working for Myself I Never have taken a Full week off to go to the Woods. So this year I scheduled a week off in October mainly because I Bow Hunt the entire Season. Last Friday October 14 I went down to Hancock country to hunt my Bus Property, it was kinds Hot so I Waited until about 4:00 in the afternoon to get in my stand. It didn’t take long before I started seeing Deer and they came in from everywhere, there was a Giant White Oak just up the hill from my stand. A 6 PT was hanging around with several Does an a couple Button heads, well about 30 minutes before Dark I see a Big Deer come in from the planted Pines. He walked into the area and started feeding on the White Oak acorns I Swear He looked right at Me, soon as he dropped his head to Eat I had a Shot at about 27 Yards. I put the Pin right behind his Leg an let the Arrow Fly. He took off like a scolded Dog ran Down through the Hardwoods an crossed the Creek, then I heard him Crashing all Over the Place. I shouted thanks Lord for a GREAT Afternoon in the Woods. See pictures Below, now I’m going Back to work for a few days then it’s Back to the Woods.There is actually some Velvet still on this Deer Left Horn!

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      Great looking buck and an exciting hunt. Hope you made good use of every day in that week you took off. Rest and relaxation at the bus is a blessing, too. Not to mention the BBQ. You have set a high standard for the rest of us. Can’t wait till I can post a good harvest photo. Congrats and continued success.

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      This is fantastic! Hope the rest of the season is as eventful for you!!!!

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      That’s awesome! Always great to get a nice buck before opening weekend. Now you get to sit back and relax this weekend. HA I don’t think so. I’m going to need you to help me track one through the woods this weekend!

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      Love the Velvet on his Horn! GREAT DEER

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      Kevin Remillard

      Beautiful Deer! I hope i can find and shoot his brother!

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      Wow that’s a Cool Story and a Beautiful Deer ! I was just looking back at Past Stories.

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