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      Crane Man

      Well I’m sitting here watching Buck Commander and Dreaming of September 7 and We are 62 days and approximately 19 HOURS from the 2019 Bow Season. I really don’t like this time of Year because you still have to work and take Care of regular things such as Home repairs and mostly just Biding time until the Fall arrives ! I have already Started Checking my Stands and Equipment Clothing and have actually run Out of things to do, But I do like the Vegetables this time of Year and putting away the Tomatoes for Homemade stews and all things made with Venison. How about you what do you do this time of Year to pass the time waiting on the Magic of Fall.

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      I’m with you on this Crane Man ! I have been doing all kinds of things trying to stay busy. I have been Shooting my Bow and working on my shooting Lanes because I like to trim out early and let the limbs grow back out a little before the Season. It will be here before you know it so hang in there.

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      To say I’m getting a little Stir Crazy is a Understatement ! I’m already getting excited about the Fall Season and the Sighting of the first Deer, actually this is One of my favorite things about the Opening weekend. It really doesn’t matter weather it’s a Doe or a Buck just the excitement of the first ONE and knowing that it’s On and the good times are here again. Thank you God for the Deer Woods.

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      Jack 3

      This time of year is a little Tough but I just remind myself that Once it Starts it goes by like the Blink of an eye ! I absolutely love the first Cool Morning and the adrenaline of that first day especially when you See the First Deer it’s a Awesome experience. Believe me it’s going to get here in a Hurry.

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      Can’t you just imagine that first Crunch of the leaf and hearing a Deer walking in, that’s what keeps me going this time of Year. Shooting my Bow and Doing my Scouting at the Deer land. But remember it’s going to be here before you Know and the excitement will be Back full throttle as the Dreams of that GIANT BUCK and the excitement of hopefully getting a Shot at him. I say Come on September !

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      All I can do is Day Dream of the Bucks that will be Roaming the Woods this Fall and keep doing the Offseason Jobs that have to be done, I think it’s about time to move a few Stands and Ofcourse checking out all equipment and practice with both Gun and Cross Bow ! I always seem to be behind when the Season finally gets here, but I love the Rush of the Scramble to get everything done. ONE way or another I’ll be there God Willing.

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