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      Northern Dancer

      I’m still working and dreaming about getting away in spite of the current situation. Though my duties have increased I still have a chunk of leisure time which is not always good for me. You know? Idle hands make for, etc. etc. etc.

      So to use my extra time well I’ve conducted an exhaustive inventory list [how embarrassing] of all my equipment and I’m surprised what I really have. All the menus are planned for all the trips and outings [You can see I’m really hopeful.] I tried buying MRE’s; silly me – I think every box in the country has been sold. Where I can, I’ve been painting my logo on all my equipment, [I have a crest as well], checking everything out, and working on small projects. I’m cleaning up the property and getting it ready for the summer. Oh ya – I’m riding that bike too.

      I know we are all working on getting into better shape, right? So what I would like to know is – what else are you doing in your leisure time. Dunno – but you might give me some new innovative ideas.

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      Jack 3

      Your Suggestion is a Valid point, I have been looking Over just about everything in and around the House. As far as my Equipment I’m cleaning and Checking most of my Guns and all Hunting inventory, keeping busy is a must in these trying times.

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      BIG Jim

      Definitely just trying to stay busy and Hoping and praying to get to the Other Side of this Situation. Dreaming of the Day we can get back to Normal.

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      Crane Man

      Fortunately I’m Still Working a little, Other than that I’m Checking on all my equipment and actually have replaced some things lately. I hope were heading in the right direction, praying a lot.

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      Well my Wife and I are still working full Time and more, she a Nurse and I am a Groceries Manager. Unfortunately our Day Care has closed so we are having to rely on family members to help with my New Son. Hopefully we will all come through this Ok.

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      I am ONE of the Lucky ones because I have been working, my business has been deemed essential. I’ve Have Never prayed so much in my life the last few weeks. God’s will this will pass and as our Preacher said last Sunday Use this time to Spend with the LORD.

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