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      Northern Dancer

      SPRING – move or jump suddenly or rapidly upward or forward.
      FEVER – when a human’s body temperature goes above the normal range.

      The days are getting longer and I was sure I heard a spring songbird the other day. There is a hint of spring everywhere. [Yahoo!]

      Boat shows, Camp shows, RV shows, Fishing shows, Hunting shows, Garden shows, and spring and summer goods are being placed neatly on the shelves to tempt weaklings like me. There is the call of the wild and then there the call of the retailer who devises numerous schemes to entice guys like me into buying. Useless, rediculous pieces of equipment dangle in front of my face and my pleasant dreams of canoeing calm rivers turn into nightmares as I hear the haunting call of, “buy me, buy me, buy me!”

      At first, I rationalize my behaviour and talk myself through why I should be purchasing this or that. Then I buy. Days later I feel guilty and then rationalize more to arrest my guilty conscience and make myself feel better. Groan. When will it ever stop? [Hands over the face, howling and screeching – you get the picture?] How many fishing poles, or sleeping bags or tents does a man need? They never stop – unscrupulous folks who sit at drawing boards and with cunning minds think of saps like me. Oh…when will it ever end?

      I did purchase that TWO FOOT TALL hurricane lantern that has a dimmer switch and the light looks like a flickering flame behind the white globe. My rationalization? “Ya, that would be good for a prop at the next youth camp in June” In June? “Ya…it was on sale, I just had to get it!”

      So…is there anyone else out there who is as looney as I am? 🙂

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      I’m still laughing 😂 ! I bought a new Fishing Rod just the Other day. And yes I’ll be looking at this New fishing boat but that’s still just a Dream, Spring does have a Crazy effect on Us Outdoor people. I actually saw a small Hardwood tree this weekend and the Buds are already coming Out. Hallelujah Spring is Almost Here.

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      Yes Yes Yes ! Spring is my Second favorite time of the year and I will be buy something New just because it’s Fun. Turkey Season is right around the corner and I need some more Decoys so there’s that. Dancer I think it’s like some kind of Law you are supposed to do something New. Sounds good anyway !

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      Jack 3

      I’m ready for Sure and I’m gonna get a New Hunting Vest next week, already picked out the ONE I want ! With all the Rain we’ve had it Should explode very Soon. It’s amazing how fast time has gone by, seems like yesterday it was New year’s.

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      That’s a Great Post Dancer, I spent most of the weekend walking around looking for shead antlers but didn’t find any but had a fantastic time just Spending time with Nature and God. I also love this time of year and a Chance to just get out of the house being able to see the Woods in a different way. A month from now it will look completely different. Next weekend I’ll be helping my middle Son move into a new home but the following weekend I’ll be back in Gods Country walking again !

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      Crane Man

      It’s ready to Pop ! and I’m Ready to go Outdoors and fish. Already been looking Over my Rods and Spinner Baits, also want to get in some Hiking this year.

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      I’m in ! Plans are to hit the Woods next weekend to do some Shed Hunting, hopefully the Weather will cooperate and maybe do some Scouting at the same time. Also it want be long before it’s Turkey Season and time to Chase those gobblers. Love the Spring

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      Northern Dancer

      Well, well, well, well…wow! I’m so relieved to learn I’m not the only guy that pants for something new, even when I don’t need it but just have to have it. Gentlemen, [ladies too] we ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

      Okay, okay – having said that there is a sale at one of my outdoor haunts starting this Friday. I’ll be in a disguise so you can’t pick me out. It’s not the guy with a bushy beard with weird red plastic glasses either.

      Bless you…:-)

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      Every time it rains for a few days and I start seeing the pictures of the land looking all soggy, I start dreaming of buying that new 4 X 4 and then I start saying, you got the best yellow 2 wheel drive dodge ram quad cab with a come along at camp. save the money and car payment and have fun getting stuck and unstuck in the mud! I’ve done it before, and I imagine I’ll continue to do it again unless I just find a steal of deal on an old jeep or old suburban tank I just can’t refuse.

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