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      I know this isn’t technically “big game”, but these beautiful, majestic birds deserve our respect. And plus, this seems like the most active forum.

      I recently got the opportunity to go on a speckled goose hunt in Wynne ARK. Something that has been on my bucket list for a while. I went w my bro n law and some guys from work. I knew it was going to be awesome, but i didnt expect to be absolutely blown away by the whole experience! This was hands down, one of the most exciting hunts, of any kind, that I have ever been on. I wanted an interactive experience. I didn’t want to just wake up and head to the blind and start shooting. I wanted to wake up with the guides and put in the work by setting up decoys and blinds. And thats what i did. I learned a ton but i also got an extremely rewarding experience! We killed a TON of birds! The sound 10k specks throw out when they are hovering over your head, and your guide is waiting to see feet before calling the shot. Then, when he does, all heavenly hell breaks loose for about 7 seconds and it is absolutely one of the most awesome experiences Ive ever had in the woods/fields. We killed snow geese, speckled geese, and even called in a dry field mallard!! The lodging was great, the guides were better and the experience was priceless.

      We used Pluck A Duck Outfitters and will use Chase and the boys again. Our guide, Thomas was freaking awesome! He had a huge collection of bands of of birds from all over the place. He had a band from a bird that flew there from RUSSIA! Think about that. Any way, I would highly recommend you doing a trip like this with your friends and loved ones. It will be an experience unlike any other. 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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      Also, I failed to mention, Speckled geese are some pretty delicious tablefare. Beautiful red meat that you’ll want to cook medium rare. But, when you do, it tastes as good or better than a filet mignon. Try it for yourself. Snow geese…..Meh, it wasn’t bad but nowhere near as good as the specks.

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      That’s Awesome right there! Looks like you had a Great time. That’s something I’m going to have to check into for Sure.

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      Congratulations on a Great Hunt! Looks like you have them Stacked up like Cord wood 😂 Great Post!

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      Jack 3

      Absolutely Fantastic ! Looks like Fun
      Congratulations on a fine Looking bunch of Goosebumps 😂

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      I know you had Fun on that Trip! I’m going to have to check it out, i can’t believe that pile of Birds simply amazing.
      Congratulations Brother

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      WOW that’s really Cool! I didn’t realize how many Geese their were in this part of the country. Congratulations on a Great Hunt

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      BIG Jim

      That had to be a Great time for you, Congratulations ! I had no idea that any Birds would fly all the way from Russia, that’s Crazy.

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