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      Well when my Dad came to visit in Dallas a few weeks back, we made a trip up to Cabela’s in Allen, TX to take a look around. We took it all in and made our way over to the gun section. We started looking through the used gun rack to see if we could find a deal. Since I moved to Texas, my 30-30 is back in Georgia so I needed a rifle for out in Texas. Well we went through all the racks and came to the last few guns. I picked up a good looking rifle which was a Savage 270 with a stainless steel barrel and a Bushnell scope. It had a good price and looked brand new. I picked it up and started carrying it around. We asked the an old guy with a handlebar mustache about the gun and he said it had only been there about 9 days and was surprised it had last this long on the rack. Long story short ended up getting a pretty good deal on the gun and it looked like it had only been fired a few times. Went ahead and pulled the trigger and took her home. Well I finally got a chance to sight her in at the range this past weekend. Very smooth action and definately packs a punch, as I put 40 rounds through it and my shoulder is sore. It started out shooting low and right, but I started dialing in the scope and got it centered. Here is a picture of the rifle and the target, my last shot was centered just below the bulls. You can see where I started out bottom right. I might be on for height as I was shooting at 28 yards. I’m going to try a 100 yard range next and see if its dead on and start working on the height if it needs it. Overall I am very satisfied and looking forward to getting this thing locked down for deer season.

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      Yes Sir ! looking GOOD, That’s a BEAUTIFUL Rifle looks like your getting real Close. That will make A GREAT DEER and Hog Gun!

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      .270 a very effective all around caliber. Worth setting up for reloading and you will multiply your selection and have loads for everything from small varmints to elk or even moose. You can begin with an inexpensive Lee loader outfit to see if you like reloading. When I was in the sporting goods business I used to tell my customers that you won’t save money by reloading but you will shoot a lot more for the same dollars. Looking foreward to seeing your first harvest with the new rifle.

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      Nice Gun, I think you will Enjoy Hunting with it.

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      Kevin Remillard

      Perfect gun for the Cadillac stand!

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      Nice Gun !

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