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      Northern Dancer

      It’s simple they said – “…once you learned how to ride a bike you never forget.”

      In an attempt to get ready for the camping season I thought I’d shed a few pounds and build up some muscle mass. I did. Then it came to mind that the purchase of a new bike could be a good idea. I did.

      I couldn’t go to the store so I ordered a mountain bike online and picked it up fully assembled [relief]. The mandatory helmet was attached as well as a congratulatory letter.

      I adjusted the seat, checked it out, attached the water bottle to the frame, and then went outside to give it a spin. Oh, yeah – you had to throw your leg over to the other side like mounting a horse. That didn’t go very well because I couldn’t get my leg over. Okay, okay, I thought, let’s slide it over the back wheel and bring myself up over and onto the seat. Done. I checked my feet and they were firmly planted on the ground. The next task was to get mobile. Like a bike with bent wheel frames, I made all of five feet and over I went. Anyway – I’ve been reviewing the “how-to-videos” and practising early in the morning at the deserted college parking lot. Simple they said.

      Blessings everyone – and happy trails.

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      O Man ! Hopefully you are Ok Dancer, when we get Older our reaction time is not as good. You’ll get it.

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      Jack 3

      I feel your pain Dancer ! Let’s just say be Careful about PO GO sticks when you get Older ! 😂

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      BIG Jim

      A few years ago I got a Bike just to Stay in Shape, BIG mistake HUGH. My knees were killing Me the next day, I was kinda thinking to myself guess your not as young as you thought. Hang in there Dancer.

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      WOW this is interesting, Separated my Shoulder trying to ride my Nephews Skateboard years ago. Go Slowly Dancer you’ll get it.

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      Well I see I’m not the only one who has been here, It seems especially in the last few years I have had to take it a little Slower and watch my Step. I turned 60 this year and it’s got my attention for Sure. Hang in there Dancer I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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      Glad you’re Ok Dancer, I know as we all get Older things are more difficult but if we just slow down it will be fine.

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      Northern Dancer

      Let’s start this again…

      THANK YOU, everyone. I don’t know any of you folks personally but it is sure great to meet everyone on this site – you are fabulous people. Things are beginning to get back to normal, in our neck of the woods, though many of the community programmes have been decimated. Because of a circumstance at work I’ve had to be tested for Corona 19. The results should be in Monday or Tuesday. I’ve booked the month of August off and I’m sure hoping that nothing will dash those plans. Other than a bike [that I’m still working at] I haven’t purchased any equipment. I’m down two sizes so I’m looking forward to shopping for new clothes, especially a new/old camping wardrobe. I’ve been fortunate enough to get some really great deals at Value Village. I have a lot of stuff that they will be getting too as just about everything needs to be replaced.

      Be GOOD, be SAFE, be HAPPY be FAITHFUL. [GSHF] BM+

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      Crane Man

      Thanks also to you as well Dancer, and for your Great POST. Sometimes life throws Us a Curve but we will get through this Situation. Hopefully you’ll get out in the Woods come August and reconnect with Nature.

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