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      Did a little Turkey Hunting this Weekend and it was VERY QUIET. I did see a Hen but that was all, I heard No Gobbling although it was a BEAUTIFUL Morning. The Bonus was that I saw Three Deer and One Came walking really Close to Me looked like a Young Buck. Anyway just wondering if anyone else saw or got them a Turkey, it was a GREAT TRIP and a Blessing. See pictures

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      Sounds like the Hens got them busy ! At least you saw some Deer nice Pictures

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      Went this weekend I also Saw a few Deer but no Turkeys anywhere actually saw a hen on the side of the Road. And found a Shed in the Hardwoods. Another GREAT weekend in Gods Woods.

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      Went this weekend heard gobbling Once nothing after that! It was kinds strange I saw No Squirrel’s but saw a Deer Far off couldn’t tell what it was. GREAT TRIP

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      Glad somebody has at least gotten into the woods. Hope I can get out there before the season is over. Here’s a tactic to try if the gobblers are henned up. Don’t worry about the gobble. Call very aggressively and listen for the boss hen to answer. If you get a response continue to challenge her territory. If she comes in to run off the invader, the tom is likely to follow. Might get a shot that way.

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      Ive been 5 or 6 times, 2 different properties in different Georgia counties. I have not heard a single gobble, not one. Ive had a couple birds slip in silent but not gobbling. Very strange year for me. In 10+ years of turkey hunting Ive never gone this long into season without hearing a gobble. Its a bit depressing.

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