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      Well I’ve been Out twice already and I haven’t seen anything except One hen and heard No Gobbling. Actually think I might have heard a Gobbler fly Down from the Roost but nothing more. Anybody else having any luck ?

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      Jack 3

      Actually had them Gobbling up a Storm last weekend but couldn’t get them to come in! I think they are with the Hens.

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      Definitely been a frustrating couple of weekends, first weekend me and my friend Travis had Birds gobbling but couldn’t get them to come in but then yesterday I didn’t hear anything. This morning had a Single Gobbler raddeling the Woods but he wasn’t interested in Me, can’t explain it ! Hopefully I’ll get another chance before the Seasons Over.

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      Just a thought here, I like to Wait until about the 3rd weekend because alot of the Hens will be bread by then. But the Gobblers will still be Out looking for another hen to romance. So don’t give up, plenty of time left.

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      BIG Jim

      I’m with you Deercooler , Usually it gets better a few weeks into the Season. I’ll be Out hopefully the Second week of April.

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      I’m Ready, hoping to get Out this Weekend !

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