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      I find myself thinking about the Last Week of Hunting, on two separate Occasions I had Deer come in and they both were Quartering to Me. Bow hunting the complete Season is what I Do, both Deer were Good Bucks the Second was truly a BEAUTIFUL DEER at least two and may have been a three year old. I killed a Nice Deer early in the Season so even if I don’t get another Chance it’s been a GREAT Year. I wonder Sometimes how these Deer know which way to walk to Escape, but it’s all in the GREAT SPORT of Hunting Sometimes you get that GREAT DEER an Often the good One gets away. When this Happens I like to think that I will get a chance to See that Deer again or at least Maybe the Next Season, thank God for Trail Cameras I don’t rely on them that Much but I like to have them in the Woods after the Season is Over. Well that’s my thoughts on the Season so Far but there’s Hopefully More to Come. Good LUCK to everyone An Be Safe !

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      It’s Funny how every Year each Season is different than the Last, it really Makes Hunting a GREAT adventure. You Never Know what is going to Happen or the next Opportunity that May come A long, I to love to Bow Hunt.

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      Thanks for the reminder that it’s better to pass up a questionable shot than to risk mortally wounding a fine game animal only to be unable to recover it. Its the law in Georgia that a hunter must make every reasonable effort to recover game. Step one in that reasonable effort is to be sure the shot taken is a high percentage one. Saw a famous deer hunter on his own video take an absolutely stupid archery shot, bad angle and excessive range, the deer was finally found but the risk was unjustified. Not only is irresponsible behavior like that fuel for the anti-hunters it is rank ingratitude to the gracious Creator who cherishes not only us but all of His creation.

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      That just means they will be much bigger next year!

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      Good Post, Never Know you might see a BIGGER Buck next time Out ! Good luck

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