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      Anyone else hoping for ammunition or maybe some New Targets for The Holidays! Want be long before we Need to Pattern those Shotguns in for the Upcoming Turkey Season. Or Maybe a Rabbit Hunting Trip in February, well good LUCK to everyone and Merry Christmas.

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      Amen! I like that idea, you can Never have enough ammo and Shooting Supplies

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      Great Ideas! Lets see what happens

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      Still remember my 13th Christmas and the shooting gifts I received that year. Not only an airgun for at home target practice and gun safety training but also a 35# fiberglass recurve bow and arrow set. Put the bow to good use thumping swamp rabbits in southwest Georgia. Those critters were so confident in their camouflage that they would run ten or fifteen yards and then stop, sure that they were invisible. Sheer murder with a rifle or shotgun but good sport with a bow.

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      Actually got a New Hunting Jacket from the better Half ! And some Pocket Warmers.

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