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      Ok I’m going to have to Rant ! The Georgia DNR has made it Legal to kill Deer Over Bait yes I Said Kill because it’s NOT HUNTING. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against anyone who wants to Hunt with a Gun or Hunt Over a Food plot, I prefer a Bow Only because I love the Challenge. Georgia has around One Million Deer in the State and if you put in a little time and effort Scout and Hunt you can Harvest a Nice Buck or Doe, well that’s my Take on this Sad day in Georgia please teach your children how to Hunt with there Skills and there Heart because half the Fun in Hunting is just being in the Glorious Outdoors that the Good LORD gave all of Us.

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      Can’t believe they Did that !

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      Crane Man

      I’m with you ! I don’t agree with that Not a good Change.

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      This is not a good decision and it will give anti hunters ammunition against US ! No baiting here

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      Agree ! No reason for Baiting, if you do your Deer Homework you will be Successful most years. Lots of Deer in Georgia

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      If you kept up with the issue you would know that in the state legislature it got shot down 2 times. A few senators just kept attaching it to this & that after they could’t get it passed cleanly, then the governor signed it in the dark of night after “scum” devised a plan with the DNR. I put pressure om my state senator and he did the right thing both times. As our rights are under constant pressure we must take a stand and get off our but– and stay involved as much as we can stomach. If you are not signed up with the Camo Coalition you should be. They e-mail you when laws concerning our wildlife come up.

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      Thanks for the Heads up on this Issue ! I will be signing up for those e-mails.

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