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      Northern Dancer

      Hi everyone – sorry I haven’t been online of recent date. In this Octave of the Resurrection, I wish you Easter Blessings throughout your entire life.

      -> I’m fully aware that there are members who have experienced issues with security. I’m so thankful that I have never encountered the same. But I do have an issue that came to light again recently. IT’S ABOUT TELLING SCARY STORIES AND FRIGHTENING PEOPLE. ->I do not support, encourage, or promote any camp activity that rattles the cage, makes people feel insecure or frightened and now prohibit the telling of stories that cause feelings of insecurity. When campers [esecially at children’s camp] or adult colleagues go to bed at night they need to know that they are safe. The things that go bump in the night are carefully explained. The last thing I need as a Director is to have a bunch of scared youth – at any age. -> Adults seem to be even more frightened probably because they/I have experienced situations in life that contribute to our/my phobias. -> You can tell all the adventure stories you want, thrillers for that matter, especially funny stuff, but forget about the other stuff; in today’s charged environment we need to have a respite from the junk. -> Now having said that… I didn’t always feel that way and at one time I was notorious for telling stories that would make the hair rise on the back of your neck. On one occasion during pre-camp training for our Leaders, with kerosene lantern in hand, I took them out in the wee hours of the morning to a “grave slab” that was under one of our senior cabins. These guys were 16 to 19 and were spellbound with the details of a horrific murder that had occurred a number of years earlier. I stopped to make the moment scary and dynamic. It was intense. At that precise moment, one of my staff approached and accidentally scared the group silly. This one guy screams [Oh, we do so!] and really startled me. We were all crouched down sitting around this slab and as I jumped up caught my forehead on a nail that was jutting out from one of the joists. The blood gushed down my face. My brave Leadership Team was gone in a flash leaving me bleeding profusely. It was an epic event and probably is still shared today. -> FOOTNOTE: I only experienced a flesh wound that was not serious. It left a three-inch scab on my forehead for a little while.

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      Welcome back Sir ! That’s a good Story with a very important point, we don’t need to Scare young people while introducing them to the great Outdoors but instil in them the absolutely Beautiful Majesty of what the good lord has provided for us. The Second point is to be Careful because most of the time you are not right around the corner from Medical attention. As I have gotten Older I have figured this out and make it a point to watch myself especially when I am alone.

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      Jack 3

      Glad you’re back and I agree with you especially when dealing with Kids you have to bring them in Cautiously because they can get scared away. Great Post

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      Agreed ! This is a touchy subject if you’re dealing with young people because they naturally need to feel secure when going outside of their comfort zone. I have found this to be especially true when trying to lead them away from the social media craze. The saving grace is when they actually find that they can have Fun doing things OUTSIDE and enjoy things like a nice campfire or canoe trip. We need more of this today and don’t forget the first aid kit.

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      Crane Man

      Hey Dancer glad your back, day camps are a good way to introduce young people to the Outdoors this way it’s a little at the time. If they take to this New Adventure you can move to a Overnight Camping Trip with all the great night time games such as a Snipe Hunt and the traditional Campfire. A Safe Outdoors is a must so always Cary the first Aid Kit, you Never Know what you might run into !

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      Northern Dancer

      I remember my Snipe Hunt. After all these years we still snicker at our antics. Having been involved in numerous camps over the years it has always been my intention to contribute to an atmosphere that encourages youth to soar to the heavens.

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      Great POST ! I still remember my first Church Camp Outing when I was young and yes we had a Snipe Hunt, love that picture Dancer.

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