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      I wanted to report in on the RTIC cooler results. I got a large doe back on opening weekend in GA when I flew in from Texas. My Dad stored it for me until we came back in this Christmas. I bought an RTIC 45 so I could pick it up and take it back to Texas. My dad and I packed that cooler to the brim with the frozen deer meat, over 40lbs at about 7:45AM in the morning. No ice was added nor did it have room for any. We went to my Mom’s locally until lunch and then drove up to Greensboro NC that evening and got into town about 5:00PM. We unloaded the cooler with the meat to their freezer at about 6PM that evening and everything was still frozen solid. I am pretty impressed so far. I’ll keep you updated as we travel with stops in Johnson City, TN, Memphis, TN, and finally back to Dallas, TX.

      FYI…The RTICs are currently on sale for 25% off for the Holidays and half the price of the YETI.

      Merry Christmas!

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      Glad to here that, as you know I have the same One only haven’t had the Opportunity to put it to the test. Maybe Next Deer I Get.

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      Hey good Deal! I’ve seen those Coolers and was wondering how they would compare against the more expensive Brand. Good to Know I might be in the Market for One Soon.

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