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      Well as I Sit here thinking about this Season I’m reminded of the Dreams I had earlier this year. I Saw some really Nice BUCKS especially during Bow Season but they just Needed another year to Grow, I really only had two that I Passed on that were decent. WELL this week on Thursday afternoon I was Hunting my Stephens road Property and a Nice Rack Buck showed up ! Everything was right but Somehow I missed the Shot I’ve gone over this in my Head a Hundred Times and still don’t know What happened. To say I was Sick is a Understatement. Sometimes Bow hunting hands you Humility in a BIG WAY, I’ve had a Rough Year to say the Least. This Season is Not Over Yet but its definitely getting LATE. Even with this I have Enjoyed all the Time in the Woods and thank God for Every Hunt and Opportunity to be with Friends in the Outdoors. Hopefully everyone has had a GREAT Year in the Outdoors. Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for all your Support at FaithOutdoorz.

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      Hang in there ! I was after a Special Deer that has Never Showed, each year is Different and like you said its not Over until it’s Over !

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      Crane Man

      We’ve all done it ! If you Bow hunt long enough this will Happen, hang in there and don’t beat yourselve up. There’s still some Season left.

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      Don’t feel Bad we have all done it ! Maybe he will come Back.

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      Don’t worry about that ! It happens to all hunters even with a Gun. Bow hunting is a real Challenge to say the Least, keep Hunting you might see him again and if not you might see another Deer. Hang in there.

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      Still some Season left! Maybe you’ll get another Chance

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      Hang in there, still may get a chance late. Never know with those deer.

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