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      This is not so much a recipe as it is a recommendation for use of a particular sauce. Basic duck roast, on the grill in the roaster. Watch for doneness and browning (I like 375 til the legs are loose, time varies.) When it looks like about thirty minutes are left on cooking time, spoon over some Thai sweet pepper sauce and let the cooking conclude. Roasted one to take to a Christmas dinner with friends and was lucky to get a bite myself. That duck just flew off the table. Not traditional, I guess, but awfully good. Sorry, no pix, it wasn’t around long enough to photo.

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      That Sounds Delicious, I know a lady from my Church that Cooks a Goose Every Christmas.

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      You always know when you Cook a GREAT Meal it disappears in a Hurry!

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      Sounds good! If I can get to go Duck Hunting an get me one.

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      That’s interesting I’ve not had Duck before.

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      Waterfowl season runs til the 29th of January so there is still a chance to bag ducks or geese in the next couple of weeks. Saw some hooded mergansers on a local lake today along with the ever present mallards. Hope to get up to Lula Bridge or Rum Creek for at least one crack at the ducks before the season closes. I’ll get back with news if I can make the hunt. By the way, watch for upcoming special duck news in the next few days. You’re gonna love it!

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