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      Northern Dancer

      Thank you everyone for your comments. I want to learn more about your outdoor adventures too.

      RIPPLES ON THE WALL…I gently woke early, when there was that sickly grey light beginning to appear just before the sunburst. Horrors, I thought, it’s mid-August and already a hint of fall. The sun is sleeping in longer when the likes of me want to hop out of a cozy-bed and go out and play. As I lay there enjoying the warm contented feeling we sometimes get prior to the necessity of getting up to get on with the day I noticed something. There was a silhouette on the east side of the wall. Leaves were animated and pressing up against the tent dancing to a silent but vibrant lively summer tune. I then noticed as the sun began to shine the reflection of water lapping unto the shore of the lagoon casting a distinctive shadow against the tent fabric. It started at the top where the vents are located cascading silently and splashing down to the ground or so it seemed. There was something magical, soothing, and tranquil about the rhythmic motion and I lingered a bit longer in the warmth of my sleeping bag enjoy this unexpected blessing.

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      BIG Jim

      Dancer I think you missed your calling, maybe you should write a book an Call it adventures in the Outdoors. I can imagine everything you just talked about, laying in that Sleeping Bag in the wilderness is Very appealing. Keep the Stories coming. Beautiful picture !

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      Good morning Dancer, what a Great post.
      I can see myself laying there in the Sleeping Bag enjoying the moment for Sure. I have to agree with BIG Jim you have a Special Talent and I’m so proud that you Share your thoughts with this Fourm. Awesome picture !

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      Jack 3

      Dancer you certainly have a way with words, I’m a little envious of your ability to get out in the Woods as Often as you do. Such a Blessing to be able to enjoy the Great Outdoors and Thanks to you for Sharing your adventures with this Fourm. Beautiful post and picture as always.

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      Dancer you’ve got me going through my Camping memories and I’m try to figure out when I can get a Trip in ! Absolutely Fantastic post and picture.

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      Really GREAT post Dancer, I’m looking forward to the Day I can get Out to places like the one you described VERY interesting story and I love the Bell. I wish lots more Kids could experience this kind of Outdoors activity I think the World would be a better place !

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      Great Story Dancer! You have a way with Words, love the Picture of this Beautiful place.

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      Crane Man

      With all this Crazy Stuff going On I’m Ready to go Camping for Sure, just don’t know when and where that will be. Thanks for Sharing your Trip Dancer, hopefully soon I will have one to Share. Nice looking Place !

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      Very Nice looking Spot right there! Even though it rained a lot I’m Sure the Children had Fun. It’s always good to take Kids to the Outdoors. My Dads already talking about taking my Son who’s almost two on his first Deer Hunting Trip 😊

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