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      Kevin Remillard

      This is a photo of me, my new puppy Remi, and my beautiful girlfriend. We were at the top of Amiciola Falls in Dahlonega GA. I’ve hiked this a few times in my life, but this was our first hike with our new pup. He was 15 weeks in this photo. Round trip the hike was roughly 3 miles. He did great, and loved every minute of it! When you look out at those mountains and the waterfalls, you can’t tell me there isn’t a God. Only god could have created something this pretty. Every time I do this hike, I feel it gets prettier and prettier. This was extra special to have our new puppy join us. He played in the stream at the bottom of the mountain, but he was also the star of the show on the hike. Every buddy and their brother complimented him and asked if they could pet him.

      The phrase “ man’s best friend” is absolutely true. This dog has really made me much happier in life. Even if I have a bad day, this guy is always so excited to see me when I get home. He was found in a dead tree stump with his brothers and sisters in North GA. It was tough to pick out which one we wanted to adopt, but we ended with our little REMI, and are so happy. I’m training him to be Athletic, but to love the outdoors. I might even try and train him to hunt ducks/birds. I have a toy slingshot duck that I have been using for Fetch, and he loves running after that thing. My girlfriend and I vouched to give him the best possible life that we could. We are extremely grateful to have him apart of our families and we look forward to many more hikes in the future.

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      That’s a BEAUTIFUL PICTURE, Sounds like a GREAT time and a GREAT trip ! My Wife an I have climbed that staircase before, it is truly a BEAUTIFUL experience. You are right only God could have made such a Place!

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      Good looking Dog!

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      Sounds like Fun !

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      I have hiked there too! Definitely beautiful scenery made by God!

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      Sounds like a GREAT Hike!

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