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      Jarrod Skeggs

      I’ve actually only been tent camping a few times in my life. As I’ve aged, (I’m now 44), it’s become much less of a good idea for me to sleep on the ground as it pretty much kills my back.

      I remember going camping as a teenager with a bunch of guys from the RA’s at my church. RA’s are the Baptist Church’s version of boy scouts. We had a pretty big group and I remember several things about this particular trip.

      The first thing is that I remember that we had about 3 inches of rain overnight during the camping trip. There was a very severe series of thunderstorms that came through and amazingly I pretty much slept through all of it.

      The second thing that I remember is trying to get a campfire started next to the tent that me and my pals were staying in. I was about 14 at that time and my genius idea to get the fire going quickly was to douse the wood in gasoline and lighter fluid. Needless to say, there was quite a bit of flames initially, (not to mention very little arm hair left), but as you can probably imagine, that didn’t exactly work.

      Finally, I remember this as the first camping trip where we went snipe hunting. I had heard about snipe hunting many times from my dad and uncles, so I knew pretty much what to expect. I thoroughly enjoyed watching most of the other guys get scared to death when one of our leaders came running through the woods with a chainsaw running and a hockey mask on.

      Through it all, this is a trip that I also remember taking time to spend time with God, just me and Him, alone in the woods. It’s one of my most fond childhood memories.

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      That’s pretty cool. We used to go camping there a lot when I was growing up. My family liked to go there and also to Vogel State Park. I still do a lot of tent camping but it’s been a while. I’m going to get back into it soon.

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      Jarrod Skeggs

      I saw this good looking young buck up there one time when I visited. He’s lucky I didn’t see him somewhere during hunting season.

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      All I know about tent camping is went years ago and like to froze to death, me and my cousin deer hunting down in Crawford country. I got up at 3:00 Am to build a fire because I was so cold ! You just never forget times like that.

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