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      Is everyone wearing a Safety Harness for Deer Hunting, just asking because we all need to be Safe out there.

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      Funny you Should ask that Question ! I’m wearing a full Body HHS Harness because a friend of Mine talked Me into Trying it and Now I want Hunt without it. It’s GREAT because you don’t have to think about falling while Hunting or Shooting.

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      Crane Man

      I’m wearing a Muddy Brand ! Get One if you don’t have One.

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      Always ! Do it for your family

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      I guess I’m Old School but I only have a Strap that I hook on the tree !

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      HSS for me too. Technology with harnesses has come a long way and they are so comfortable, economical and user friendly now there is really no excuse not to use one.

      I take my setup one step further and link in a tree spider decent system since I hunt alone often. Its a decent system that is designed to slowly lower you to the ground after a fall. Its a one time use (replace after fall but so is the vest) with different weight ranges and 25 feet of length to lower you. Your vest can save you from a fall but what happens after that? If you are unable to climb back into your stand or remove yourself from the harness, you can die. Its called suspension trauma. The legs straps will put extreme pressure on your femoral artery while you hang there and that can be fatal. Most, if not all, harnesses come with that suspension relief strap to stand up in if you fall but that seems like it would be very difficult to use, in my opinion.

      One added bonus for me is the tree spider provides approximately 4-6 extra inches of length to the tether strap on your harness. That doesn’t sound like a lot but it makes a HUGE difference for me, regarding maneuverability in the stand and drawing back on my bow.

      Some guys swear by rock climbing harnesses and say recovering after a fall is so much easier. But I havent warmed up to that idea just yet. See video link =

      A lot of folks are now using lifelines as well, where you are attached from the moment you leave the ground. I haven’t taken it that far yet but may consider it as I get older.

      Either way, you owe it to your family and friends. Use something. I will not get in a treestand without one.

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