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      Well my buddy Travis Wilson and myself were in the Woods Opening weekend and the Action started off Quick ! We were walking in and talking very Softly and moving towards the Middle food plot and All of a Sudden a Crow Sounds off and a Gobbler Sounds Off. We Froze and backed Up and set up just down the Hill around a small Creek, Travis started Calling just after light and the Gobbler Sounds off again and a few minutes later he Flew Down off the Roost. He comes down the hill and starts Strutting around back and forth but he was hanging Up just on the Other side off the Creek, this went on for about 30 minutes and finally the Bird left. Travis moved back behind me and started Calling again and the Big Tom comes back but Hangs up again, well after all that I didn’t get a chance for a Clear Shot but it was One of the Most exciting Hunts I’ve ever been On my Heart was Pounding and Travis his leg was shaking we had a GREAT TRIP. After that it was Time to put out lime an get some BBQ. Great weekend all together. See pictures look Close you may see the Turkey in the middle.

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      Cool Post ! I can see the Turkey

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      That’s a GREAT Story, you did a lot better than I did. Went Saturday Morning the woods were Silent. I’m going Back this Saturday hopefully I will see Something.

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      Crane Man

      Sounds like a GREAT TRIP ! anytime you get on that Close its exciting

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      That’s Awesome. Sounds like an action packed hunt. Very cool picture with the bird in the background. Hope you get another chance at him.

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      Man that’s crazy ! Good Post I can see that Bird.

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      That looks like a big ol’ bird! Hope you get him next time!

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      Man, what a morning that was. All he had to do was take a couple more steps. Maybe we will see him again next year.

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