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      Opening Weekend turned out to be a great weekend! I flew in from Texas on Friday to hunt with my Dad and brother and brought the Savage 270 I purchased earlier in the year (you may remember an earlier post with me sighting it in). Also, if you need to fly a rifle, it really was a very simple process with Southwest and their first two checked bags flying for free. Plan on doing that again.

      Opening morning I hunted a new ladder stand that was on a hardwood ridge overlooking a food plot at the bottom. That was one comfortable stand. It was cool but windy with some pretty good gusts. I saw two deer in the morning to the right but I couldn’t make out what they were and they didn’t stick around for very long. During lunch I trimmed some branches to get a better view to the right where the deer had come from. I hunted the same stand that evening and about 30 minutes before dark I had deer again off to the right. There were 3-4 does coming up the hill but my view was still obstructed from a good shot. I had a two second window to make a decision to shoot on one doe, but I passed. They actually all walked right by the old stand that is about 50 yards to the right. About 10 minutes before dark another 2 deer came up the hill in front of my stand, but it appeared to be a button and a small doe so I also passed.

      Sunday Morning I decided to hunt the same area but hunt the old stand. I had to borrow my Dad’s seat as the old stand does not have one. I got to the stand and it was right. No wind, cool and crisp, and a million squirrels moving about. I had one squirrel bust me early and start dropping acorns on me. However, it moved on soon after. About 8 AM i started hearing a deer towards the bottom of the ridge. Couldn’t see it at first but soon I started seeing the legs. The deer came out about the same location as the previous night. This old stand gave me a perfect view to the left. As soon as the deer pulled into view, I put the scope on it. Confirmed no horns and no buttons, and BIG! The doe passed one tree and started turning towards me. I put the cross hairs on the brisket and Boom. The doe did a back flip and started flying back down the hill. I heard crash crash and I could tell it ran a long way.

      I waited about 10 minutes and got down to look for blood. Found good blood and marked it and went back to camp to get my Dad. Once we got down to tracking, the blood trail was very good. Once we started going, the trail never let up. My Dad kept saying where is this deer! It must have run 100 yards!

      A couple of pictures are attached. This is one of the bigger does I have harvested and I am looking forward to picking up the meat when I return to Georgia for Christmas. Overall a great weekend with family, good food, successful harvest, breaking in a new rifle, and enjoying the gifts God has provided with the great outdoors!

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      Yes Sir that was a GREAT WEEKEND of Classic Deer Hunting! Good BBQ an good Times and a good Harvest of Family and Friends, also Deer Chops on the Grill. Don’t get No BETTER THAN THAT.

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      That’s a GREAT BIG DOE! You should get a large amount of Meat, looks like some good eating. Congratulations on a Fine Hunt. I like the 270 Nice Gun.

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      What a huge doe! We have come a long way in Georgia when it comes to deer population and deer size. When I was a kid you hardly ever saw a deer and, outside of a few mountain monsters, the ones you did see were not much to talk about. The state herd was so small the killing a doe was like robbing the church poor box. Nowadays you just about have to harvest plenty of does to keep the herd in some sort of balance. Congrats on a fine deer and on blooding your new 270 so successfully. When I have the chance I’ll garner some of those pesky squirrels so they won’t pelt you with acorns next trip. Good look on your next time out.

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      Kevin Remillard

      Cant beat that ole Ridge Stand!

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