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      I was able to sneak down Friday afternoon last week as the weather was showing 32 degrees for the low and mid 60s for the highs. I wasn’t planning to go as I had to go to Houston for work on Sunday but I couldn’t pass up those temperatures and a shot at hunting opening rifle morning. I saw four bucks Friday afternoon and a bunch of does, but they were not really in a good location for a bow shot so I did not take a shot. Saturday morning I got back at it with the 270 for opener. Had a 4-point and a nice tall 8 come by at first light, but it was not wider than the deer I harvested last year so I let it walk. Saw a momma doe and yearling come by that I could have taken, but I let her walk because of the fawn. Later a 4-point came right to my stand and looked at me for a while (I don’t think he knew what I was, but never spooked). Later the momma doe and yearling came back, and had about 4 does skirt me far off to the left with no shot. About 11AM I saw a lone doe at the end of my shooting lane that started to come in. She got about 75 yards out and I decided to take the shot. It knocked her down but after about 3 minutes she started to get up and straggle away. I should have shot here again. Well I waited about 20-25 minutes and decided to track. Had okay blood, but as I’m tracking, the deer jumps up and runs. I waited a little and decided to track again. Again same result, jumped up and ran. Waited and then tracked a little further to my neighbors land, lost the trail but picked it up on his road. Walked a little further and she jumped again. I decided I did not hot her in a good spot and retreated. Well, as luck would have it, I get a call from my neighbor who I had been texting and he got pictures of the deer in front of his feeder struggling. I decided to pack up at camp and giver her some time. About 45 minutes later, I snuck over to where his camera was and I found her just off the opening. I put another round through her and was able to take her to the processor. Very lucky to find that deer. I unfortunately pulled my shot and gut shot her. I tried a couple of target shots at camp and it was on. Feel bad that the deer had to suffer for a little bit, but I’m happy I was able to find her and harvest her. It looks like I will be horn hunting the rest of the year.

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      Congratulations ! Good thing you Found her ! More meat for the Freezer

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      Hey Congratulations on not giving up and finding your Deer. Don’t feel bad about the Shot as we’ve all made marginal Shots. Besides you Now have more meat for the family.

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      Jack 3

      Good Deal! Congratulations on more Meat for the Freezer.

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      Sounds like a Great weekend ! Don’t worry about the Shot you got her in the Cooler.

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      Congrats on the Doe, way to be diligent and finding that Deer ! Now go get a BIG Buck to go with those Does.

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      BIG Jim

      Congratulations on the Doe! Bottom line you have some meat and it will feed your family. Nothing like Deer Chili or Spaghetti.

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