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      Good luck to all you Georgia Hunters tomorrow!

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      Well it was a Great Opening day for me. Actually saw 2 Bucks a 5pt and about 5 minutes later a 7pt came by following the first Deer. The Weather wasn’t to bad I actually stayed in the Stand Until 11 AM hoping another Buck was behind those 2 but no luck. It was a Blessed day for Sure. Praise God

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      Same thing here, I hunted this morning and Actually had a Doe about 60 yards out under a water Oak but she didn’t come near me. The good thing is she Didn’t know I was around. Great morning just wish it would Cool Down.

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      Jack 3

      All in life is right Once again ! Its Deer Season, actually saw a Small Buck I think at first light couldn’t really tell What it was Small Deer and didn’t see anything else but a fine morning. Good luck to everyone

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      Crane Man

      I hunted Saturday Morning and had a Deer behind me just got a glimpse of it that’s all, Beautiful weather and wasn’t to hot. Still needs to Cool Down

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      Not much to mention here, didn’t see anything but it was GREAT to be back in the Woods again. Deer Season is Back, praise the Lord

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      I can’t wait, I have 11 days to go in Texas!

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