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      I don’t know How many of you have Hunted out of old Wooden stands but I’m almost 58 years Old and in the Old days that was all we had. This past week I actually Hunted at my Dads house in a stand that I built years ago. He has 14 ac. In a Bow Only County and I always enjoy hunting at his Old Farm. There are plenty of Deer but the Big Bucks are hard to find. I took some Pictures Check them Out !

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      Very Cool! I’ve never hunted out of that type of stand.

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      Yes Sir ! We had a bunch of Great Stands all built with 2x4s and they all had a Name, like deer slayer or mile high. Those were the Days !

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      Crane Man

      That’s Old School STUFF ! Very Cool

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      Been there ! In the Old days of deer Camp you were Lucky if you had a Built Stand. Treated Lumber was a Must and the Stands Would last for years. Great Memories

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