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      Meant to post this earlier, but have been busy. My Dad came into town a couple of weeks ago and I took him down to the land to show him the land/bus and get a chance to hunt Texas. The land was still water logged, so we were bogging through the muck. He put up a lock on stand at the Northeast corner so we now have a couple of stands to hunt. Hunted Saturday afternoon and I saw two does, a legal 8 (but with short tines), and a spike. My Dad saw a spike. Got back that evening and fired up the grill to cook deer backstrap and tenderloins and brunswick stew! It was great. We were pretty tired and went to bed early. BTW, those bunks slept great and the Mr. buddy propane kept it pretty warm.

      Got up in the morning and hunted again and the deer were moving. I had a little trouble finding my stand in the dark, but once I got settled, again like the weekend before, I had deer in front of me immediately, but this time it was too dark to make out what they were. Found out later, one was a buck from my camera. I saw four does, a 4 or a 6 point, couple of spikes and button. My Dad saw 8 deer three bucks and a bunch of spikes/does, and two yotes. He pulled on one yote, but it ran off before he could get a shot. Overall a great weekend of hunting. Could have taken some deer, but was waiting to see something big.

      Speaking of big, I left early on Sunday of opening weekend (the week before), which turned out to be a mistake. I pulled the camera in front of my stand and Mr. 10 point was standing there at 9:00AM. Sure is a good looking deer. Hope he hangs around and I get another opportunity.

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      Sounds like a GREAT weekend ! That’s a Beautiful Buck.

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      That’s awesome hunting with your Dad is always GREAT ! Is Texas 13 inch or is it the County that you HUNT ?

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      Was awesome hunting weekend ! WAY to Short. I wish that 7pt would have been Wider I Sure would have flung a arrow at him.

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      Crane Man

      WOW THAT’S A BEAUTIFUL DEER in the picture, I know you’re excited about your New Texas Hunting property. Keep us posted on your Hunts !

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      Deercooler – Legal bucks vary by County in Texas, In Red River County, a legal buck is 13″ spread or one un-branched antler on one side. Doe Days ended on the 18th so I’ll be on the look out for spikes!

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      So you can Shoot a Spike ! That’s interesting. But I would be waiting on that Big Buck just Saying. Hope he comes back Good luck.

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      Sounds like a Good Time for All, that’s a BEAUTIFUL BUCK for Sure hopefully he Comes back and gives you a Chance. From What I’ve seen you have some GREAT looking Habitat for BIG Texas Deer.

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