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      If you have ever wanted to build your own bow, knap your own arrowheads or knife blades, learn to use the atlatl or, in general, get in touch with some pretty fantastic ancestral skills, check out the North Georgia Knap-in and Primitive Arts Festival in Cartersville. This is the 17 annual event and will be held on April 21-23, 2016. Demonstrations, tools and material are available. Got started knapping years ago under the guidance of my friend Levi Walker (Chief Knock-a-homa of Braves fame). My own emphasis is European, Welsh short bows and hazel arrows tipped with Beaker culture barb and tang points. Lots of fun and satisfaction both to make and hunt with. If you catch the knapping bug, there are monthly sessions in Newnan where you can perfect your skills, select from more types of flint or chert than you dreamed existed and get your hands on specialty tools that make quality knapping possible. Great guys and some good food as well.

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      Finally able to get to a photo of Levi the last time we did some flint knapping. One tip he taught me was that the sound of the stone was a good indicator of quality. If it had a dull sound there was almost sure to be a flaw somewhere, a crystal ring indicated a flake worth working on

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      That sounds like some VERY interesting stuff! I would like to meet Levi, I’ve always been a Big Fan of the Native American People, they truly lived there lives with Nature. They were also family Oriented an did make every part of animals they harvested put to good use. They truly lived in Gods County!

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      This is a GREAT STORY, just to meet someone of his Heritage would be really COOL! An experience of this is Once in a Lifetime.

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      Check out any of the PowWow events all around the state and region. Usually one every year at the Gwinnett Fair Ground. Just keyword “pow wow” and you’ll probably find several. Haven’t had the chance to get with Levi in a long time and one of my other first nations mentors, Diamond Brown, is no longer with us. There were probably some get togethers over the Memorial Day weekend; native people take great pride in their service to the nation and military vets are held in great honor. Neat to learn essential skills but even better to learn what courage and integrity are all about.

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      BIG Jim

      This is a Awesome post ! I wonder if they are still having this ? Would love to go.

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