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      Northern Dancer

      …hope everyone on this site is doing super well. I now think I have a better interpretation of what freedom means and it doesn’t have anything to do with politics or constitutional rights or anything like that. Never thought I would be experiencing anything like this – I just thought it was a movie theme or something. No – it’s real life and it has smacked me in the face. Does anyone want to talk environment?

      Anyway…I stare at my full North 49 pack, leaning against the wall, just aching to be picked up and gently laid into the bottom of a canoe. It’s just screaming to cozy up on my back and cling to my shoulders and follow me on any trail I wish to take. Groaning to be searched for some piece of equipment so necessary for a successful trip. Just itching to burst out and embrace freedom.

      Sigh…..does anyone have a Kleenex?

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      Well What’s up Dancer ! How come you aren’t hitting the Woods ? Fortunately I have been going fairly regularly to my Deer land and I have been thanking the LORD every time I get the chance !

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      Why can’t you go ? We need to hear the rest of the Story !

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      BIG Jim

      What’s Up Dancer ? ? ?

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      Northern Dancer

      …oh my goodness, I need to clarify the matter.

      Normally I’m out each month of the year; winter or summer in a variety of situations and with a group. The Corvid 19 circumstance shut down everything so I have not been able to get out. I’ve booked most of August and because I’m headed for the interior there should be no problem. The only other lean time I experienced was a number of years ago when I was transferred to another community. I didn’t get any summer free time at all.

      You are so fortunate to have “Deer Land” “huntaholic” – Where I am the grounds are pleasant but I yearn for the wilderness and the sounds of silence.

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      BIG Jim

      Now I get it ! Well hopefully you can get out soon. Just imagine how much you will enjoy yourself then.

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      Jack 3

      Dancer it will be a Sweet thing when you get to Dip that Conoe back in the water Once again ! Hang in there.

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      Be Sure and give Us and Update when you get Back Out !

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