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      Well I just wanted to give my Perspective of my experience of spending time in the Outdoors, mostly it’s Bow Hunting or just going down to my land the Bus property! As an example last weekend I was Bow Hunting down at The Bus, well the Weather was kinda warm so I got up extra early to get in my stand long before Daylight. It’s a little tricky getting in your stand when it’s so Dark, after a little time I got settled in and had time to reflect. I started to Pray and I think I Prayed for everyone that I know, also thanking My Lord for the Opportunity to be in His BEAUTIFUL Woods Once again. This is my Place to talk with my Lord an to Spend time to Reflect on my life an to see how I can improve myself. Well that’s about it, about the time I Finished up I was just starting to be able to see the Ground. It was a GREAT Morning an I saw two Deer, they don’t call it GODS COUNTY FOR NOTHING. Hopefully you feel the Same.

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      Great Post, there’s Nothing like spending time in the Outdoors and reflecting on Our lives. Personally I love to watch the Sunset at the end of a Hunt! Gods all around the Outdoors.

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      There is something very special about wilderness. It seems like every time God wanted to speak clearly to someone He led them to the wilderness. Maybe the reverse is equally true: if we want to hear something clearly from God, we can clear our minds and open our ears better by going into the wilderness. There we are better able to set aside the pointless busy-ness that occupies so much of our time and get in touch with what is genuine and real. Thanks for the reminder.

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      Always Peaceful in the Woods, really COOL looking at the Stars on a Clear Night! You have to Know that Only God could have Made Something So BEAUTIFUL.

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      The Mountains are really GREAT, they don’t call it GODS COUNTY FOR NOTHING!

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      lindsey g p

      Whoa! You got yourself a nice one there… Congratulations. It is a beauty. God is good for sure and it is pretty amazing what he provides for us. Thanks for sharing this awesome site of yours.
      Happy Thanksgiving..

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