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      My name is AJ Blaze, brother to Kevin Remillard and Brain Morris. I’ve been hunting now for two years and I can finally say I killed my first deer. My journey started this hunting season up in good ole Dahlonega, Ga. My family and I are members of a place called the R-Ranch in the Mountains. One wouldn’t believe how many dang deer run around this property. On this ranch there is a no hunting rule but there is a plot of national forest that backs up to the R-ranches land. I spent over 18 hours sitting up on a ridge waiting for the big one to come out, but just like all my past hunting experiences I saw nothing.
      My trek to find a deer then took me to a small remote town on the outskirts of Augusta, Ga. My friend and his family own a large plot of land that holds many fields throughout the property. I chose a field that had a nice wood line that I could use for cover since my buddy didn’t have any deer stands. For the next couple of days I put in the hours waiting for chance to shoot my first deer. On the final night of my hunt my prayer was about to be answered. Just before sunset two big does came out in the field about 75-100 yards away. I drew my gun and set my site on the bigger of the two. My heart was pounding uncontrollably and my adrenaline was sky high. I took the shot and at that moment I could see that that big mama was down. I feel like everyone wants to kill a big buck for their first deer, but I was very happy with a big doe. Now next year’s a different story, I’m going to get me something that has a nice trophy between the ears! In the picture I’m the one one on the right.

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      That’s one Fine looking DEER! Congratulations. I remember my first deer as though it was yesterday. I guess you’ll be looking for some Horns now. That’s a GREAT accomplishment ! Looks like we have another Deer Hunter in the Family! Amen! An Welcome Aj

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      Kevin Remillard

      AJ- This is an awesome story! Hunting on the ground is difficult. You had a great weekend; Deer on Friday, and a rodeo win on Saturday. I’m proud of you little bro! Don’t eat all that deer too quickly… It goes fast. I have to limit Elena, or else it would be gone in 2 months! Congrats again! I hate to say it, but I think you shot a bigger deer than I have shot in 3 seasons! I’m def. going to step it up next year so don’t get too proud of yourself! Good Work A.J. I hope to keep hunting with you for years to come! Love You.
      -Kevin Remillard

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